Benchmarking Bubbles

The Sparkling Wine Review (SWR) brings together some of the world’s leading tasters to benchmark sparkling wines in a unique and comprehensive assessment exercise. This technically led review process is aimed at helping sparkling wine producers better understand the needs of the global marketplace and provides insight as to how they can better align their products to meet these needs.

The SWR offers entrants exceptional value for money. Not only are all wines entered given a score out of 100 and a value for money rating but they also receive a detailed benchmarking report that includes sensory and technical analysis, plus expert assessments of packaging and where the wine sits in the marketplace.

Sparkling wine producers who are considering launching a new product, reviewing quality of an existing product, updating packaging or seeking a better understanding of the marketplace and where a product fits are invited to submit their products for the second annual Review, which takes place in November 2012.

Top-scoring wines will be showcased at the International Sparkling Wine Symposium in 2011.

Postal submission: 26/10/2012
Online submission: 26/10/2012
Receive samples: 31/10/2012